Clinics Go Social is more than just a social media company for the fertility community. In fact, our whole business is built to provide digital marketing solely for small to large enterprise business who are looking to engage with consumers who are looking to start or extend their family.

Since 2010 we have provided social media marketing, advice and support to new and existing customers of Fertility Road Magazine. After years of trialling our service in-house, we are now offering our social media services as stand-alone service… Which is where Clinics Go Social came from.

Clinics Go Social officially launched in January 2017 and as part the Mack Publishing Ltd who own Fertility Road Magazine.

One question we are asked on a daily basis is “how to do we communicate and attract new customers online?

Well you could hire a social media company with no personal experience or connect to the fertility industry.

The simple answer is to have the right tools, the right people with the right skill sets and an understanding of what people who are trying to start a family are really looking for. Even better if you understand the type of content they are engaging with online.

When we launched Fertility Road Magazine in 2010 we had zero magazine publishing skills in house. We had plenty of business, technical and financial skills but needed to hire a team that would lead the way to us becoming the longest running consumer fertility title to date.

One of our founding partners has run his own IT and Social Media company for last 15 years which has enabled us to launch Clinics Go Social to provide digital marketing and social media marketing services. The need to reach new and existing people online is growing daily and cutting through the noise on social media to get your message heard has become even more difficult and time consuming.

But this is where we come in!

Our founding principles are exactly the same as they were when we started in the fertility community around 10 years ago.

  • Firstly to ensure we offer our customers value for money in attracting the customers they need.
  • To do we ensure we research and invest the latest technology to delivery results.
  • To run our business as ethically and as responsible as possible.
  • Yes we’re a business but customers always come first.

We believe you can tell which companies are the real deal and which are there for profit first… Just look at their website or speak to their customers.

We can also bet you’ve met with other companies that have no clue how to market your business!

In fact, our customers will happily recommend us!


In a nutshell we provide social media marketing tools and services to help grow your business across social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat.

An overview of what we offer:-

  • A Social Media Dashboard where you can post and manage your social media channels in one place with reporting and statistics. We even have free 14 day trial!!
  • A Content Writing Service where our team research your business and write and schedule content to post giving you 7-14 days worth of content in advance which you can edit and reuse.
  • Our new Strategic Social Media Campaign. A more advanced way of creating and posting for your social media. Short lived seasonal promotions, find engaging articles to post to your followers and much more.
  • Our new Fully Managed Social Media. Everything in the Strategic package and more. This is like hiring your own social media person.

Our job is take the hassle of creating and posting new and informative social media posts. You can still add your own posts as often as you like but you can now focus on running your business while we build your social media presence.

Either sign up for a free trial of our dashboard or get in touch with us to discuss taking your social media to another level.

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